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Entrepreneur in Residence

​About Endeavor8

  • I founded Endeavor8 last year as a $50M+ solo-GP early stage venture capital firm investing broadly in the diffusion of technology to historically neglected sectors of the economy, currently targeting the food, agriculture, and climate sectors.

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The Opportunity

  • I’m launching an effort to start 10 technology based companies that address tractable problems in my sectors. One source of these innovations may be de-risked technologies at universities that are at the tipping point of being ready for commercialization.

  • I’m seeking a PT Entrepreneur in Residence or Search Partner to develop an investable thesis over a 10 week period. The position has a small stipend commensurate with the work. The ideal candidate would be interested in becoming a founder a company based on the thesis they develop. May lead to an additional FT summer internship / EIR / Search partner over summer 2023 should the thesis require additional development.

  • Endeavor8 would lead the formation and finance the pre-seed capital round on industry standard terms. Together with close partners, I would continue to back the company through developing product-market fit and commercial scaling.

  • If interested, email with information you feel would be useful for me to evaluate your fit to this opportunity.

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